Get First Touch Soccer 2019 APK with data and OBB files

FTS 19 APK Download with OBB+ Data for Android- First Touch Soccer 2019

First Touch Soccer 2019, otherwise called FTS 19 (APK) is a great and energizing football game particularly work for Android gadgets. For the last couple of years, it has picked up popularity among gamers as extraordinary compared to other soccer amusements on Android gadgets, close to PES and FIFA football games.

FTS 2019 is a move up to FTS 18 and the most recent portion. The new First Touch Soccer 19 Android APK desired android accompanied a fairly compacted size of 330 MB which is very little contrast with its partners FIFA and PES.

FTS 19 APK, Data, and OBB Download (First Touch Soccer Android 2019) 

FTS 2019 APK

We are here to help you provide the file you want. Below, you can find a link to the 18 version of the game. Once the game gets launched, you will see the latest link here.

Features of FTS 2019 Android Game

If you are keen to look into the specifications of the game. We have collected a few of them along with the ones we are sure that the company will include. You can check them out here.

Designs :

First Touch Soccer 2019 APK has dazzling illustrations, one of a kind activities and gameplay. The amusement may have a little download estimate yet it has a show that opponents PES and FIFA.

Administrator Mode :

Each football sweetheart cherishes this. With, the file you get here, you can be a trough, construct and mentor your own group on their approach to winning trophies. 

Players Updated :

New players have been added to the FTS 19 APK download with overhauled appraisals. You would now be able to utilize players like Rashford, Ascensio, Mbappe and other radiant adolescents. 

Quick Gameplay Mode : 

The past adaptation had a quick gameplay yet first touch soccer 2019 has a substantially speedier gaming background. AI has been overhauled with speedier handles and high pace spills. You can easily have FTS 19 APK OBB free download and it is exceptionally reasonable.


The sounds and analysis have been updated combined with the enriched new pack. First Touch 19 data enhanced designs giving you that real, genuine feel of playing on the pitch. The gaming client encounter is marvelous, so believe me, you are without a doubt going to love this redesign.

Added new melodies :

The best soccer game APK for android, you get here, holds new arrangement of tunes, that makes your gaming all the more intriguing

Updated Uniforms:

A significant number of you have been holding up to play the diversion with New shirts, well the hold up is finished, the most recent installation file accompanies new garbs to coordinate to the current standard.

Players Updated:

FTS 19 mod APK needs were the flimsiness to overhaul and enroll new players, obviously, you can purchase players.

Low Size :

It includes even a superior and enhanced designs with a low size of the only 260MB not at all like the vast record sizes for other soccer amusements, for example, FIFA and PES football games with document sizes of around 1GB or more. It has pleasant illustrations and requires little memory space on your gadget. So more or less, the diversion is perfect with old adaptations of Android and requires less memory and RAM for gameplay.

How to Install the Game with FTS 19 APK?

first touch soccer 19 apk obb data

The process on your android is simple. Just take the well ordered guide beneath to make them take a shot at your gadget.
Stage 1 :  Download FTS 19 files for android.
Stage 2 : Concentrate the documents you have downloaded utilizing a record extraction application for Android, for example, ES Explorer or Winrar. Check Google Play store to download any of them and continue with the FTS 19 OBB APK downloads.
Stage 3 : At that point Install the game using the APK file you have already downloaded.
Stage 4 :  From that point onward, move the OBB file to Phone Storage– > Android– > OBB. On the off chance that it doesn't play, move it to SDCard– > Android– > OBB
Stage 5 :  At last, tap on the introduced FTS 2019 APK and OBB file of the amusement, dispatch the diversion play.
  • After propelling the diversion of First Touch Soccer 19 APK file 
  • Click on the last symbol with an instrument sign 
  • A new window will open, now tap on the first alternative that you see 
  • Click on the last choice 
  • At this point, you are in the dialect territory, simply swipe left or appropriate until the point when you get English.

How to Play First Touch Soccer 2019?

Practical, IMMERSIVE, ADDICTIVE. New FTS is here, and it's better than anyone might have expected! Packed brimming with astonishing highlights, modes, staggering illustrations and liquid gameplay, the current year's version isn't to be missed.


Take control of your gathering on and off the field in Manager Mode. Sign new players, organize contracts and totally alter your club's stadium with our striking stadium article administrator. Head mode is more refined to YOUR necessities. Just complete the FTS 19 APK data download.

Astounding AI and RAPID GAMEPLAY

Watch your preoccupation jump up as you pass and spill around your enemies. Vigilant AI makes for the most useful experience of First Touch Soccer ever. Score thunderbolts from crisp, or tiki-taka your way to deal with the objective. The potential results are limitless in this game.


Test your capacities reliably with our Match Challenge.Regardless of whether you're the underdogs or clear top picks these matches give motivation to you to return over and over.

Credits can be earned in the midst of gameplay or grabbed by watching chronicles FTS 19 unlimited money APK data.

This application contains pariah advancing. Publicizing is disabled if you purchase in preoccupation money from the shop.
download fts 2018 apk mod

Purposes of enthusiasm OF THIS GAME

  • It requires fewer memory 
  • It's speedy 
  • Plays on most Android adaptations and iOS gadgets (download interface for iPhone will be given later on this blog) 
  • Wonderful games music in the foundation 
  • Plenty of Mods to keep you occupied every year 
  • An exceptionally eager soccer amusement with bunches of substance and awesome gameplay

Configurations for FTS 2019 APK Android

  • Android: v4.0 or more; Which incorporates Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat. 
  • 1GB RAM (in any event for consistent gaming background 
  • At slightest free 400MB free space on your cell phone and you are good to go.

First Touch Soccer 2019 for PC

A wise way to play FTS on PC is to install the Bluestacks in the PC, the detailed description is given below. 

Requirements for Bluestacks are:
1. Administrator on your PC.

2. Your PC must have 2GB of RAM

3. 4GB of space for Android applications/entertainments and their data.

4. You must have Direct X 9.0 or higher presented on your structure

5. The drivers for your PC's representations drivers should be revived for likeness with BlueStacks as depicted in the going with the post
Make sure you downloaded FTS 19 files properly.
BlueStacks Download on PC:
Stage 1: First you have to visit the BlueStacks site and there you can see the blue-hued "Download" catch. Tap on that download catch.
Stage 2: It begins downloading BlueStacks in a couple of moments seconds. Record Size will associate with 100 MB, and it sets aside some opportunity to get downloaded totally. This progression needs the web association.
Stage 3: Once it gets download totally, double tap on the executable document to begin the establishment. It takes a couple of minutes to finish the establishment.
Stage 4: Follow the on-screen guidelines and introduce BlueStacks on your PC after totally introducing it on your PC, it makes the easy route on the work area, and you are prepared to utilize BlueStacks.
Presently on, open BlueStacks and you can scan for FTS 19 APK and obb and introduce it on your PC for nothing. It is anything but difficult to introduce any android application on your PC utilizing BlueStacks Offline Installer for PC. When you open the BlueStacks, it demonstrates you both Top Apps and Other Apps which are of course upheld by BlueStacks. You can tap on them and introduce those free Android applications on your PC for nothing.

Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game

first touch soccer latest version apk

The following are a few tips and tricks you can make use when it comes to playing the best soccer game available for Android.


In First Touch Soccer 19 APK game, they have executed another 'Opportunity Control' framework. Despite everything, a 3 catch framework, but instead than entirely allocating each catch as shoot, pass and through ball have changed these to hard kick, low kick and hurled kick. This gives the clients more control in what balls they choose to play, you would now be able to do hard low passes and short chips, which already were both unimaginable, or exceptionally troublesome in our X2 Football arrangement.

At the point when first introducing , you will find that kick helps are defaulted to 'low' and all auto-switch alternatives are defaulted to 'on'. These choices would all be able to be found inside My Profile - > Game Controls. Kick helps can be set to 'off' on the off chance that you need a genuine test or on the off chance that you experiencing difficulty keeping your shots on target then you can change this to 'high'. With an auto switch, you can empower or impair when you need your controlled player to be changed naturally to the best set player in various situations. These incorporate rival spilling, adversary passes, air balls and avoided balls. Kill these for finish manual exchanging.
Clue: Once in diversion, you can't change the trouble or auto replay settings.


To take a penalty in FTS 19 APK latest version you have to touch the ball and swipe towards the bearing you wish to shoot at. The speed of your swipe will decide the energy of your kick so be mindful so as to not over power the shot excessively.
Wait for the camera to settle and afterward take your punishment.

To spare a penalty, you have to position the gloves or swipe toward a path to make a spare.

Indication: You can move the situation of your gloves straight up until the point that the ball is kicked. This is valuable online as you can bait your rival to shoot the other way (your guardian will move marginally) and after that change position when the player keeps running up to the ball. Be watchful however as they could foresee this and still shoot toward the path you unique picked!

You can simply return to the punishment help message by choosing the '?' enclose the base right-hand corner amid a punishment shootout. In a punishment shootout, your player arrange is naturally picked, strikers will take the first punishments took after by midfielders and so forth.

Insight: Be certain to set your punishment taker in parts before a match begins as you won't have the capacity to transform it once being granted a punishment!


first touch soccer 19 apk


As said before you do be able to modify the kick help level, actually I jump at the chance to play with the kick help set to 'Low'. You may feel contrastingly however so remember you can change this anytime amid a diversion. Attempt and practice your shooting in preparing mode, develop your certainty here before taking to the field either against the CPU or on the web. Due to our 'Opportunity Control' mechanics, you can play out a wide range of shots at the objective.

Don’t forget to use the link given above to download all the files including First Touch Soccer 2019 APK OBB Data.
  • Use the low kick with a lot of energy to bore the ball low and hard passed the goalkeeper. 
  • Use the high kick to play out a savage shot at the objective, better for long separations as I would like to think. Be mindful so as not to apply excessive weight as you'll wind up hitting them into push Z. 
  • Use hurled kick to play out a little chip over a propelling guardian, difficult to pull off. 
Insight: Check completing, shot power, long shot and free kick ascribe to locate the best finisher in the diversion!


By and by due to our 'Opportunity Control' control mechanics you have finish control, so ace yours goes in preparing first. The most pivotal component of working up a solid assault is good passing; all it takes is for that one executioner ball to part a protection. Utilize each catch to its qualities and you will cause the resistance a wide range of issues! 
FTS 19 APK new version is here for you to get excited about.
Low kick – Probably the most widely recognized catch to utilize when passing, functions admirably conveying the ball between players over a short separation. When moving toward the resistance's 18-yard box these passes are extraordinary to discharge strikers into the crate for an open door at the objective. Play the ball before players for that executioner through balls or just to make some space.
Hard kick – I discovered this the best strategy for clearing the ball, in the event that you are experiencing strain you'll positively get the most separation from this kick. This is an incredible method for discharging a striker when you are somewhere down in your own half, whack the bunch together field for and pursue the ball, protection can transform into an assault in a matter of seconds!
Lobbed kick – This kick is perfect for long balls over the field, they are somewhat less demanding to judge than hard kicks, however, do not have the criticalness behind a hard kick, play around in preparing to perceive what suits you best. Extraordinary for hurled through balls, particularly in the event that you need to chip the ball into the resistance box.
Insight: Check long pass, short pass, and control credits to locate the best playmaker in the diversion!


first touch soccer 2019 download android

At the point when in the last third of the pitch looking ahead, each of the 3 catches will cross the ball if there is no undeniable pass or shot being made. The best place to hone is again in preparing, analyze utilizing each of the 3 catches.

I hope you already installed FTS 19 on your Android.
Low kick is best utilized for boring in the ball low and quick, if there is no undeniable place to cross these are now and then best to cause inconvenience inside the resistance's container. Attempt and nip before the protectors at the close post and point a shot towards the objective.
Hard kick furnishes a quick cross for the most part with a great deal of tallness, contingent upon how much power you execute. These crosses give ball loads of force so expect an effective header/volley toward its finish.

Lobbed kick – Probably the most normally utilized intersection catch, I for one favor hard kick, so it's great to discover what suits your playing style. These balls give less force at that point say a hard kick yet they give strikers enough time to judge their keeps running into the case to give the completing touches.
Insight: When inside the container you presumably need to apply bearing to your cross as once in a while it can be mixed up for a shooting opportunity, bringing about kicking the ball straight out of play.

Clue: Check crossing, long pass, and short pass credits to locate the best crosser in the amusement!


There are two approaches to handle in First Touch Soccer 2019 APK app. The first route is to play out a standing tackle (low kick when not under lock and key) by squeezing the adversary, this is a sheltered method to handle yet can once in a while prompt fouls. This is my favored method for handling, yet in addition, limits you as though players get passed you, you can never again confiscate them utilizing this strategy. This is while sliding handles can prove to be useful, flawlessly timing a sliding tackle(hard kick when not under lock and key) can give you the additional separation you have to capture the ball, however, be watchful, confounding these can prompt red cards or even punishments.

Clue: Don't slide handle from behind, you are simply requesting inconvenience…


There is no preferable inclination over scoring an immediate free kick; hard to ace, yet when you pull these off they can look astounding. Attempt and discover a player with high free kick, shot power and long shot credits and will undoubtedly cause the manager some inconvenience! Weaker players can even now score free kicks, however, it helps to have somebody of a higher standard with regards to these set pieces.

You can utilize each of the 3 catches with the expectation of complimentary kicks, my most loved must be a hard kick, utilizing this can give some genuinely necessary twist so as to sidestep the divider. Go into preparing mode to rehearse your free kicks so you can put these away when playing the CPU or against a rival on the web. Keep in mind you don't generally need to shoot! Most adversaries will expect a shot, so attempt and catch them out with some going into the case. We hope you already downloaded FTS 19 APK unlimited money on Android.

Insight: Try and twist your free kicks around the divider by holding the course after you have controlled up.

Insight: Try utilizing low kick when near objective to attempt and penetrate the all under the divider.

Clue: Try utilizing hurled kick for a little chip into the best corner from a nearby separation.

Aptitude MOVES

In First Touch Soccer 19 game APK, not all players can play out all aptitude moves. All players can play out an essential advance over, the marginally gifted players can likewise play out a Marseille turn and the best players can play out a rainbow flick and the past two. For a thought of which players can play out each of the 3 at that point search for high ball control and spilling insights into Team Management.

You can stay tuned to this blog to hear more news about your favorite football game for Android.


This is a football game that can play on most Android gadgets because of its little size however cool illustrations. It is a move up to the past FTS 2019 APK pro latest version. In view of research, it has been uncovered that individuals incline toward playing soccer recreations more than different amusements.

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